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Let Me Fix That For You, Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker, who is “not a feminist”, has a new book dropping on Valentine’s Day.  Exploring the plight of the “Alpha female,” Ms. (Mrs.?… Little Missus?… what do “not feminists” prefer these days?) Venker posits that the same qualities that allow women to excel professionally are singularly responsible for their inability to stay married to men who are tired of women who speak up, make demands, and have standards.  Women, it seems, have developed opinions.  Opinions that are entirely independent of the men in their lives, and it seems to be affecting their relationships.  Fox News hosted an excerpt in their “Values” section.  Calling for a return to more traditional marriage dynamics, it seems to us that the piece is somewhat out of step with the general trend of women-as-whole-people that we’ve been enjoying in the 21st Century.

Frankly, it’s concerning.  So, Suzanne Venker, in the interest of the common good, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 3.11MB)

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Guest Post: Let Me Fix That For You, Lochte

Oh, Ryan Lochte.  At this point, anyone with exposure to the American news cycle has had their fill of #lochtegate and #lochtelies.  (We’re a little sad that #lochtorrhea didn’t catch on).  Emilio Bruna (@BrunaLab) took on the tough work of giving Ryan Lochte’s non-apology the red-ink treatment it deserved, and was kind enough to let us host it here.

Ryan Lochte, let @BrunaLab fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 428KB)

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Let Me Fix That For You, Nathan Alberson

Though female representation in film still has a long way to go, the past few years have given us some interesting female characters.  For Nathan Alberson, writer for and creator of Warhorn Media, Star Wars’ Rey was just one white tank top of authority too many.  In this letter, posted to An Open Letter to Rey From Star Wars back in March of 2016, Mr. Alberson goes on for 3000 words about warrior women, Hollywood’s emasculating agenda, and the natural order of things.  By the end, we were definitely asking ourselves, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?”

There’s a problem with tone, here.  Mr. Alberson certainly pulls no punches, and we feel that kind of candor deserves an equal turn.  Nathan Alberson, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 4.91MB)

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Guest Post: Tim Hunt and the Women

Last week, Tim Hunt, Nobel Laureate and all around smart guy, did an unbelievably stupid thing.  Amid sorry-not-sorry statements, damage control in the media, and memorable hashtags come marching the apologists.  There are many, but here is a guest edit from reader, M^2, on a brief op-ed by Joanna Williams over at Spiked.  Here at Red Ink, we appreciate readers willing to jump in and share the work.  Thanks, M^2!

Download (PDF, 1.87MB)

There’s a lot of print being generated by Dr. Hunt’s diarrhea of the mouth remarks, and we’ll update here with anything we feel worthy of inking.  If you come across something you’d like to submit, send it along to wieldaredpen (at) gmail.

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Guest Post: The Intersection of Feminism and Beer

At Red Ink, we like beer.  We also like feminism.  We were alerted to the complex intersection of both by @metacookbook.  She responds on her blog to critiques of women’s representation in beer-dom that are, themselves, problematic (This post at Thrillist and this one at Northdown Taproom).  The original articles are linked in her post, so do be sure to click over there.

So, here, let @Metacookbook, fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 1.91MB)

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Let Me Fix That For You, Alice Huang

Alice Huang, a shining star of research and former AAAS President, takes some time out of her day to show us what the science workplace was like for women in the times when male faculty had smoking lounges and female faculty had foundation underwear.  In an advice column for Science Careers, Dr. Huang counsels on the best course of action for a harassing mentor.  Never have we wished so hard that Poe’s Law were in effect.  The post was taken down in short order, but you can read the original at this archive.

Alice Huang, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 949KB)

And, the apology from Science Careers

LMFTFY Science Careers


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Guest Post: Let Me Fix That For You, The BMJ

There are occasions for editing when an expertise beyond snark are necessary.  The BMJ (formerly The British Medical Journal) ran a piece on the dangers of milk-sharing that was picked up in several news outlets.  Nuance matters.

Medical anthropologist, @aunpalmquist, writes to us:

On March 24, BMJ ran an Editorial on the “Risks of the unregulated market in human breast milk.” Kudos for getting so much press on an important topic. But there are some issues that need attention….

So, The BMJ, let @aunpalmquist fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 859KB)

Head over to HER BLOG to see her full, rich, and thoroughly researched commentary.  Thanks to @aunpalmquist, for allowing us to post her excellent edits here.


(Aside: Are we the only ones that feel a shift from The British Medical Journal to The BMJ is not altogether an improvement?)

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Let Me Fix That For You, New York Times

Yesterday, the New York Times dropped an opinion piece by Cornell researchers Wendy Williams and Stephen Ceci, making the bold claim that Academic Science Isn’t Sexist (<– that IS the title of the post, Gentle Readers).  As one may well imagine, several excellent analyses went up almost immediately.  The opinion piece is effectively an advertisement for this paper, which at 67 pages, few of us will read in its entirety, much less comprehend.  On reading the NYT post, we were struck by some creative statistical analysis and sleight-of-hand with regard to cause-and-effect.

In order for any persuasive piece to be effective, internal consistency and logic is the rock-solid foundation upon which to pile on your massive heap of shite.  We’ll let the good people of science decipher the treatment of data, and tackle the post for the masses instead.  In the interest of bettering persuasive science writing, New York Times, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 331KB)


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Guest Post: Let Me Fix That For You, Pacific Standard

The recent Ebola outbreak has the news media in the grips of a misinfornado.  At Red Ink, we feel that accurate reporting is a top priority.  Science writer, @rocza, sent us this terrific markup of the first page of the Pacific Standard’s Terrible Awful No Good Very Bad  Coverage. There’s so much to correct here, it looks like the pen is… uh… bleeding out.  Courtesy of our guest editor, let me fix that for you, Pacific Standard…

Update: read Kelly Hills’ complete writeup on her inked commentary HERE

Download (PDF, 711KB)

To read Ms. Hills’ own excellent writing on the subject, go HERE and HERE.


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Let Me Fix That For You, Neil Hall

In a recent issue of Genome Biology, Dr. Neil Hall published his tongue-in-cheek analysis of twitter popularity and citations in science circles.  The “K-Index” basically hangs on a critique of Kim Kardashian, a woman who is a brand unto herself, for having the gall to refuse to be shamed publicly for having sex.  Dr. Hall’s choice of target, together with the bland tone of his piece is problematic. Here at Red Ink, we love satire, and we want to see more people succeed at it.  So, here, Neil Hall, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 2.41MB)


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