Let Me Fix That For You, Suzanne Venker

Suzanne Venker, who is “not a feminist”, has a new book dropping on Valentine’s Day.  Exploring the plight of the “Alpha female,” Ms. (Mrs.?… Little Missus?… what do “not feminists” prefer these days?) Venker posits that the same qualities that allow women to excel professionally are singularly responsible for their inability to stay married to men who are tired of women who speak up, make demands, and have standards.  Women, it seems, have developed opinions.  Opinions that are entirely independent of the men in their lives, and it seems to be affecting their relationships.  Fox News hosted an excerpt in their “Values” section.  Calling for a return to more traditional marriage dynamics, it seems to us that the piece is somewhat out of step with the general trend of women-as-whole-people that we’ve been enjoying in the 21st Century.

Frankly, it’s concerning.  So, Suzanne Venker, in the interest of the common good, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 3.11MB)

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