Let Me Fix That For You, Nathan Alberson

Though female representation in film still has a long way to go, the past few years have given us some interesting female characters.  For Nathan Alberson, writer for and creator of Warhorn Media, Star Wars’ Rey was just one white tank top of authority too many.  In this letter, posted to An Open Letter to Rey From Star Wars back in March of 2016, Mr. Alberson goes on for 3000 words about warrior women, Hollywood’s emasculating agenda, and the natural order of things.  By the end, we were definitely asking ourselves, “Why, oh why, didn’t I take the blue pill?”

There’s a problem with tone, here.  Mr. Alberson certainly pulls no punches, and we feel that kind of candor deserves an equal turn.  Nathan Alberson, let me fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 4.91MB)

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