Guest Post: Let Me Fix That For You, The BMJ

There are occasions for editing when an expertise beyond snark are necessary.  The BMJ (formerly The British Medical Journal) ran a piece on the dangers of milk-sharing that was picked up in several news outlets.  Nuance matters.

Medical anthropologist, @aunpalmquist, writes to us:

On March 24, BMJ ran an Editorial on the “Risks of the unregulated market in human breast milk.” Kudos for getting so much press on an important topic. But there are some issues that need attention….

So, The BMJ, let @aunpalmquist fix that for you…

Download (PDF, 859KB)

Head over to HER BLOG to see her full, rich, and thoroughly researched commentary.  Thanks to @aunpalmquist, for allowing us to post her excellent edits here.


(Aside: Are we the only ones that feel a shift from The British Medical Journal to The BMJ is not altogether an improvement?)

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